Terms & Conditions


All orders must use a school email address, school name (which will be who the licence is for) and be ordered by an employee of a school/college/LEA/Trust/Charity unless an agreement to use an alternative has been given by Axsied Ltd in writing.

To order online using a credit card

Go to: https://www.axsied.com/all-computer-science-products/

Online orders can be used for any digital products, but discounts on physical books can only be given when ordering by order form or purchase order.

Orders for electronic products will be completed immediately with links to the products being sent out to the email address given. This email will also contain a link to the invoice. We recommend using the teacher email address as then any updates will be sent directly to them. If your finance department needs a copy of the email to access the invoice then please send an email to support@axsied.com.

Orders for physical books will be dispatched to arrive at the delivery address in 5 to 10 working days.

To order using a purchase order or order form

If you require our company supplier information (such as account details) please email sales@axsied.com

Download an order form: https://www.axsied.com/orderform

and/or complete a school purchase order form – please note, this must contain the same information as an order form contains – in particular, we will need the name and email address of the teacher who ordered and the finance email address for the invoice to go to.

We recommend emailing your order form and/or purchase order to sales@axsied.com

Alternatively, you may fax to 03302 234 751


Online orders need to be completed using a credit or debit card.

Orders made by purchase order or order form will be invoiced once the order has been processed. Payment may be made by BACS (preferred), credit card (details on invoice) or cheque. Full BACS details or cheque details are given on invoices. If you require these details in order to set up an account before making a purchase, please request this from support@axsied.com.

Payment is required within 30 days of being invoiced.

International schools who are ordering physical books must make payment before the books can be dispatched. They also need to contact us at support@axsied.com in order to check the cost of delivery.


VAT is charged on all our electronic products and electronic books.

Physical books (and their delivery) are VAT free in the UK.

If you are in an EC country, VAT will be charged at the rate used in your country. For EC countries, you will need to order offline and include your VAT number with your order for us to not add VAT.

School site licences

Many of our products come with a school site licence. For the purpose of these licences, a school is defined as any organisation which has a unique centre number as used for examinations.

If a product comes with a school site licence, you may make copies, print or share the product as long as all the following conditions are met:

  • The product may only be shared or accessed by staff or students at the licensed school/centre
  • The product may be uploaded to a VLE, learning platform or website on the condition that the only people who have access to it are students or staff at the licensed school/centre – in particular, the website must require a password before access is given to the product or any part of it
  • The product cannot be shared with any other school, trust or organisation which does not use the same centre number for all students
  • One licence is required for each centre that wishes to make use of the product