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Easy Python Docs Easy Python Docs
Downloadable website for offline use

James Franklin


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Easy Python DocsEasy Python Docs
for GCSE Computer Science NEA
(offline Python site)

Note: This product is for the original 2017 NEA and does not reflect changes since

ISBN  9781911518044

Examples, syntax and key points in an offline downloadable website
This is suitable for any exam board for preparation for Python. It can be used for AQA & OCR in the NEA itself*

Just £99+VAT £74.25+VAT (site licence)


easy python docs variablesThe internet is now not allowed for many students taking Non-Exam Assessment (NEA). So how do your students complete their programs?

You might think about giving them large programming books or downloading huge websites. Even if they are allowed access to the internet for your exam board, the problem is the same, these resources and websites aren’t made for GCSE students and go into far too much detail.

That’s why we created “Easy Python Docs”. It covers all the syntax needed for GCSE level students and leaves out all those complicated libraries that they don’t need to know about.

Easy Python Docs contains:

  • A downloadable complete website
  • Numerous examples for each part of syntax
  • Python output of each example
  • Hints, tips and warnings
  • Easy to read syntax
  • Can be used in the NEA*


The download contains one HTML website contained in a ZIP file with the following:

  • 150+ Python examples
  • Output for all examples can be toggled on/off
  • Syntax, easy example and definition for each topic
  • Tips, notes and important information
  • Clear and concise
  • Made for GCSE, saves time using resources which are too complicated
  • If text or code is copied, a reference to the HTML page is automatically added so your students don’t forget to reference
  • Ability to search even though offline

The site licence allows you:

  • free printing of as many copies as you like
  • free to share with students and teachers in your school
  • free to upload to a VLE, learning platform (as long as behind a password)
  • free to share in the NEA resources you provide to your students
  • free to use with other year groups learning Python
Download Sample

Easy Python Docs
Download Easy Python Docs – Sample

You are strongly advised to download and test the sample on your school system to check that it works with the setup and browsers you will have available for the NEA.

Installation instructions

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unzip to the location students will use in the NEA
  3. Open the file “index.html”

Recommended browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge. – The site will work with IE, but submenu navigation will not be as easy.



  1. Output
  2. Input
  4. Variables
  5. String operations
  6. Arithmetic and mathematics
  7. Comparison and logical operators
  8. Data types and conversions
  9. For loops
  10. If statements
  11. While loops
  12. Lists (Arrays)
  13. Procedures
  14. Functions
  15. File handling
  16. Random numbers
  17. Validation
  18. SQL
  19. Extras (Tuples and Dictionaries)

Each page contains the following sections

  1. Definition
  2. Easy example
  3. Syntax
  4. Examples
  5. Key points

james-franklinJames Franklin has a degree in Computing from Imperial College, London, a PGCE in ICT Education from Brighton University and an MA in Computing in Education from King’s College London. He taught Computer Science A-level and GCSE for 10 years in Chichester High School for Boys, LVS Ascot and Royal Russell School. James is passionate about helping teachers to teach Computer Science and founded Axsied five years ago to fulfil this wish. Outside of this, he enjoys photography and travel.

He tweets about Computer Science: @jfranklinedu

He also blogs about Computer Science


Easy Python Docs for GCSE Computer Science NEA (offline Python site) price: £99+VAT


  • 1 ZIP file (containing website)
  • Full site licence
  • No restrictions on copying or printing within your licensed institution

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The new resources look fantastic and have come along at just the right time

Jackie MacDonaldTeacher of Computer Science, Glenalmond College

This product contains one downloadable ZIP file (containing a website) and a site licence

all-cardsFor payments by credit card use the “Buy” button above; the PDF files will be delivered immediately. If you wish to pay via invoice, please download and complete an order form.

£99+VAT £74.25+VAT

An exceptionally useful resource to use for the NEA irrespective of which exam board chosen.

David ChaplainCS Teacher Trainer (Nottingham Trent University), CAS Master Teacher, Hub Leader

A great tool for students with lots of small programs that they can use as a reference.

Laura ParkSubject Leader of Computing and Business, Wellfield High School

The design of this resource is actually what it says – “Easy Python Docs”. A concise, yet comprehensive guide to all skills required for the NEA. Accessible to students and teachers of all abilities!

First class!

Ian CooperTeacher i/c KS4 Computer Science Harton Technology College, OCR Examiner

We’re using your Easy Python Docs to supplement our teaching of CS (for both GCSE and A-level) and they’ve been very helpful for our students – thank you for the work you do, it is very much appreciated.

Daniel McKuneLead Teacher for Computer Science - The Mosslands School

Suitable for teachers & independent learners – a very useful resource.

Sarah ShakibiHead of Computer Science, CAS MAster Teacher, Teacher Trainer

The ideal way to cover Python syntax in a searchable way.

I like the way things have been ordered with clear titles and how the system allows you to search for things rather than wasting time trawling through lots of boring examples and documentation.

Ian RobinsonTeacher of Computer Science, St Alban’s Catholic High School

Feedback, Questions and Comments

If you have any feedback, questions or comments regarding the book then please send a message to support@axsied.com

*At the time of publishing, this resource met the regulations and guidance from OCR & AQA to be used during the NEA. Please be aware that it is possible for an exam board to change their regulations in the future.

This resource cannot be used with WJEC/Eduqas as it offers support beyond that allowed in the specification. Edexcel is unable to confirm either way as to whether the resource can be used in the NEA – please contact them first if you intend to make use of it.