AQA pseudocode guideGCSE Computer Science Pseudocode to Python

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AQA pseudocode to python
This simple guide takes all the pseudocode syntax required for AQA programming and puts it alongside the equivalent Python code. This is a great syntax guide whilst learning Python that lets pupils easily see the equivalent pseudocode which the exam board will use in examination papers. Simple explanations and examples will aid understanding. Great for use while programming, revising the subject or for use in the NEA.

  • key syntax
  • use as a reference
  • use in the NEA
  • for revision of the exam board pseudocode
  • print out or give the PDF to your students

This free guide comes complete with site licence so that you can print or share with your students. The only condition is that you don’t share on the public web (behind a VLE is fine if you need to log in first). You may, of course, link to this page for others to download.

Free to download.

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AQA pseudocode guide
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